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Zoroastrian Christians believe that Christianity needs radical reform to meet the needs of the current age. We need to return to the roots of Christianity which are found in Persia with the prophet Zarathustra and not in ancient Israel as is popularly believed.

Zoroastrian Christians recognise that there is much that is good in the existing tradition of European Christianity and we want to keep as much as possible of the wisdom and good practices that are found there.

Zoroastrian Christians value the scriptures of the Zoroastrian Mazdean religion known as the Avesta, along with many classical greek and hellenistic writings. This includes the Jesus scriptures found in the Jesuchristian New Testament and gnostic writings of the same era. However normally we don't consider the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament as part of our scripture.


Zartochrestianism is a particular proposal for an orthodox form of Zoroastrian Christianity. It is still much subject to change. However at the present time Zartochrestians suggest two trinities to form the foundation of the religion:


The Holy Trinity comprises of three persons:
Jupiter is the Divine Father. He is Deus Pater - God the Father. Jupiter Sapiens or Jupiter the Wise is regarded as the same god as Ahuramazda (Aramazda) - the Wise Lord of the Persian Scripture.
Chrestus is the 'Good One'. He is the Divine Son of Jupiter Sapiens. He is the agent of Jupiter in the world in human form. Chrestus is a universal power but can appear in many cultural forms - as gods (such as Mithras) and as holy saints.
Spentamania is the Holy Spirit - the life-loving and life-promoting spirit that can enter into a person and make them worthy co-workers of Chrestus and Jupiter.


The Saintly Trinity are the three most venerated Saints of Zartochrestianism. These are:
1. ZARTUS - also known as Zarathustra or Zoroaster
Zartus is the Philosopher Saint - the one who who has knowledge of the cosmos and can discern the best ethical world-view and give to us the best religion.
Jesus is the Compassionate Saint - the one who sees our real human nature and needs and gives this the highest value regardless of human-manufactured regulations and understandings which contradict it.
Zartochrestians see Jesus' voluntary suffering on the cross as a sign of his compassion. We don't believe that the historic person of Jesus can be considered a scapegoat for all the sins of the world. Rather his action was a demonstration of how the eternal Chrestus takes on the burden of counteracting the sins of the fallible.
Saint George is the Brave Saint. He is the one who will fight for the cause of good and right and never desert it whether he has the strength to prevail, or is overcome and put to a torturous death.

Marcus Zartianus
May 2019 CE