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an alternative Zorochristian trinity?

So far I've suggested that Zorochristians should recognise a Holy Trinity very similar to the Judeochristian one - i.e God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

However I want to float this alternative idea, which would make Zorochristianity more aligned with Western Mithraism.

Deuspater is God the Father or the Heavenly Father. Deuspater is the transcendent, unchanging source of existence and life.

Second is LADY SOPHIA or Lady Wisdom. She is the wisdom-power behind all creation, the one who births everything into existence.
Sophia herself was born with the beginning of the universe and the first movement of the life-spirit. It is Sophia who created the first living cells, and who guided the evolution of higher plants and animals. Sophia is the wisdom-capability that enables Life to grasp the nature of its world and strive with success for embodiment, expansion and exuberance.

The third member of the trinity is CHRESTUS
Chrestus is the Good Lord , and represents the highest capability of the human mind to produce the Good. Chrestus works to create ARTA - the harmonious and flourishing world order.
Whereas Sophia is indiscriminate in her creating, Chrestus discriminates between the good and bad behaviour of the creatures Sophia has created. Chrestus is concerned with the whole picture of communal life and the interrelation of different beings. Chrestus guides individuals to the better path for the good of the whole and fights against the evil supernatural beings.

In the 'Gathas Zarti' Zoroaster talks of AHURA and MAZDA. Commentators have remarked that these words are often used separately and with a slight difference in meaning. Mazda is a grammatically feminine word, and is often translated as 'Wisdom'. Ahura is grammatically masculine and is translated 'Lord'.

I think it is not unjustified to consider Zoroaster's Mazda as our Sophia, and his Ahura as our Chrestus.
So the combined 'Ahura Mazda' would be 'Chrestus-Sophia'.