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I am realising more than when we first started a few weeks ago that Zorochristianity is best identified as a gnostic christian movement.

By gnostic I just mean 'with an emphasis on individual knowledge seeking', and hence 'not suscribing to conventional christian beliefs uncritically'.

In ancient times there were many different gnostic sects - each with their own particular doctrines. Only some of them called the created world evil.

Our Zoroastrian-based sect of course doesn't go this far, but considers that the world is at least potentially good. As I understand it the world is good in as far as Mazda/Sophia and Ahura/Chrestus are the creative/governing powers within it.

Personally I consider that the Demiurge or Chief Archon is a separate being from Mazda, and that it can be either good or bad.