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"It’s the hardest thing to thank God for our afflictions but pain and suffering cultivates character. I’m trying hard right now to harvest my misfortunes for gold. Don’t let storms pass you by! They’ll blow over and you’ll say, “I wish I learned to live with more integrity under pressure.” Embrace your cross, I’m confident it’s the surest road to life."

Zartochrestians don't believe that every affliction that Deuspater allows is for our individual good, or something to be thankful for. However many unwelcome events may have some positive mixed in with the negative and it is a good attitude to make the best out of the situation.

Deuspater is the unchanging source of that which supports and produces life. Deuspater is the source of all that is good, but Deuspater is not concerned with us as individuals, and he permits that we suffer, sometimes terribly. So it would be wrong to picture him as a loving human father - it is Chrestus who has this role.