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DEUSPATER is the first person of the Zartochrestian Trinity. He is God the Father - the ultimate source or begetter of the Universe and the life within it.

There is a similarity between Deuspater and the 'One' or Monad of Plotinus and the Neoplatonists. However Zartochrestians don't consider Deuspater as the same thing as 'The Good'. Deuspater is the father of Time (Zurvan) and Space and all the possibilities they hold - and these may be terrible as well as good.

Deuspater is a transcendent god, providing the ground on which everything exists, but doesn't interfere in the actions that take place there. Deuspater is a god that deserves our utmost respect, but he is not the personal loving father that some Jesuchristians might make Him out to be.

Although the names are similar Deuspater is also not the same as the traditional Dyaus Pitar or 'Sky Father' god. The Sky Father is partnered by an Earth Mother - and there is no such partner to Deuspater. Also the Sky Father is an active deity ruling over other deities, while Deuspater is the transcendent source of all things.

MAZDA is the second person of the trinity. Mazda is 'the wise one'. Mazda is the power of mind working to shape the world. Mazda can be compared to the concept of NOUS (mind/consciousness) in Neoplatonism.

Mazda is a plural power - working in many different ways in different places for different ultimate goals and should not be thought of as some kind of single perfect Emperor in charge of everything.

In some respects Mazda could be described as a Demiurge or craftsman who shapes the world according to the Forms of the Pleroma. However Mazda is considered a generally good power , albeit one who can be sidetracked to do evil inadvertently.

The third person of the trinity is CHRESTUS - the Good One. Chrestus is filled with Spentamania - the Holy Spirit - and seeks the wellbeing of others and the general flourishing of life. When Jesus talks of his 'father in Heaven' it is perhaps Chrestus that he is referring to.

The HEPTASPENTA are seven divine beings that extend our concept of GOD beyond the trinity. The Heptaspenta include SPENTAMANIA the Holy Spirit, HUMANAH the Good Mind and ARTA, the Good Order of Existence.

The ANGEL SOPHIA is the chief Mazdaic Angel or Angel of Wisdom who shows us Mazda in a way that we can understand.

Similarly the ANGEL MITHRAS is the chief Chrestic Angel or Angel of Christ who shows us Chrestus in human form