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MITHRAKANA - Festival of Mithras

We are now at the time of year of the traditional festival of Mithras - known as Mithrakana (or Mehregan) to the Persians and Michaelmas in the West. Some modern Mithraists celebrate it exactly on the autumn equinox - while traditionally it is celebrated a few days later - 29th September by Western Christians and October 1st or 2nd by the Zoroastrians.

"In ancient times Mehregān was celebrated in an extravagant style at Persepolis. Not only was it the time for harvest, but it was also the time when the taxes were collected. Visitors from different parts of the Persian Empire brought gifts for the king all contributing to a lively festival."

"September 29 is the feast of Michaelmas (pronounced Mickelmas), also known as the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel. He is honored as the greatest of the archangels: the one who defeated Satan —typically portrayed as a dragon—and cast him from heaven. He is seen as a protector against the dark of night and all evil forces.
The feast of Michaelmas .... became a popular feast in medieval England, taking on secular as well as religious significance—it was one of the “quarter days” on which servants were hired, school terms started, and rents were due."