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I've altered the trinity again - reverting more or less to a previous scheme after a period of trying to make it more typically christian.
I've come to realise that even christians are muddled as to the meaning of the persons of their trinity e.g. for some 'God the Father' is the transcendent source of being , for others it is the actively interfering and sometimes cruel god of the Old Testament, and for others it is the heavenly father of Jesus.
In our currently suggested trinity:
1. Zurvan is the 'Lord of Activity', the 'Lord of Happening' i.e. the Lord of what happens in Time. He implements the laws of cause and effect as influenced by our (and everybody elses) will.
2. Mazda is the Wise Lord - the 'creative wisdom power'. It is the activity of mind seeking to find good solutions to problems.
3. Chreston or the Heavenly Christ is the Good Lord - who cares for life and seeks its best flourishing and happiness.
Chreston is quite closely related to Mazda, but it seems to me there is a difference - Mazda is identified by its wisdom, not always benefiting the common good, while Chreston is identified by its goodness.
In anthropomorphic terms: Zurvan is the Divine Emperor whose favour can be sought, but whose commandments for good or bad cannot be ignored. Mazda is the Divine Wizard whose intelligence and skill is needed for all creative activity. Chreston is the Divine Good Prince, servant of his people, seeking to further their well-being.
Above the trinity is 'Protarche' - the primal unchanging source of existence.
Below the trinity are the 'Heptaspenta' - the seven good divine beings.