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Chrestus is the Good One. He lives where the human mind is consciously focused on producing The Good.

In the natural state living beings seek their own selfish benefit according to a restricted view of the world. Sometimes their sense of self can extend beyond their individual self to their family or wider community imagined as extended family. However it doesn't come naturally to make pursuit of the general good one's foremost value.

When things go wrong in the world ordinary people's selfishness and blinkerdness (or blindness) prevents them from putting things right. They seek out a saviour (or Chrestor) to help them. The ideal saviour is Chrestus, who is clear-thinking and unselfish and desirous of seeing life flourish.

In our Age of human history, the divine Chrestus incarnated first in human form in the person of Zartus or Zoroaster. He was the first person to conceive of the drama of existence as a battle of Good and Evil. He was the first to articulate the possibility of the human person becoming an agent of the Good. With the genesis of the idea of the perfectly Good person , Christ was born on Earth,

Zoroaster and his immediate followers spread the idea of Christ in their time and place. Many were inspired to become more christlike in their thoughts and words and deeds. As time rolled on other historical people were inspired by the Spirit of Zoroaster to create new additional teachings of Christ appropriate to the lives of their own communities and the situations they faced.

In our own time we need a Chrestor or saviour to sort out the chaos and bring good order to the world. This divine saviour we need is Chrestus, the divine Good One, who incarnates on Earth through the word of the teachers of Christ and the actions of their followers. In fact the good teachers and their faithful disciples all become individual chrestors or people working for the benefit of the world.

EUNOIA - the first 'mark of Christ'

Both the Divine Christ and the Incarnated Christ are united by their common Good Will. This is a doctrine known to Jesuchristians from the teachings of Nestorius . However Zoroaster taught first of the Good Will which he named Vo-Hu (Vo=Will Hu=Good). The Mind-which-Wills-the-Good he called Vo-Hu-Manah. In Greek we translate this as Eunoia.

Eunoia is the mind of Good Purpose, a mind which wants to do the right thing. Its opposite is Kakonoia or the Bad kind of Mind.

Metanoia is a transformation of the state of mind (the 'Hexis' of the mind) from one state to another. Our work as Zorochristians is to change minds (our own and other peoples') from Kakonoia to Eunoia.


The Heptaspenta are seven life-furthering divine beings (Amortons) associated with Mazda and Christ.

1. SPENTAMANIA - the 'Holy Spirit' is the power that changes minds, by bringing wisdom, changing values, developing the abilities of the mind and enlivening the life-loving energies of the soul.

2. EUNOIA - (Vohumanah) the Good Mind.

3. EUSEBIA - good reverence and devotion, piety. This is the mental attention to the productive powers of life and the practical devotion to them.

4. EUKRATIA - Good Power, Good Rule . This is the good exercise of power and strength to regulate the activities of the world. Where there is perfect Eukratia, there is the Kingdom of Christ.

5. ARTISTA - Best Order . Artista in our minds is perfect understanding of reality. Artista in our words is truth-telling. Artista in our actions is righteous action. Artista in society is a situation of perfect connection, where the needs of each are met by the actions of others.

6. HARVATAS - Health, Wholeness, Integrity. Where all the parts of ourselves work in balance in happy harmony.

7. AMORTAS Non-dyingness, long-livedness, Where we continue to live without injury or disease for there is nothing to cause us damage.

THE GOOD (Bonum or Agathon)

In brief Zartochrestianism is about 'Striving for the Good'. To do this we need to be able to recognise the Good, and have the necessary understandings, abilities and motivations to play our part in producing Good in the World.

Ad Bonum Tendimus!

Marcus Zartianus,
May 4020 HE