Blog Home What exactly is Zoroastrian Christianity?

Zoroastrian Christians believe that Christianity was founded by Zoroaster, and that its ethics derive from his teaching. However they are interested in the historical Christian tradition and have varied approaches to matching this up to their beliefs about Zoroaster.

Zorochristians think of Christ as the perfectly good being that has incarnated in many human beings - and not exclusively the historical Jesus. However many Zorochristians still consider Jesus an important figure.

Most Zorochristians recognise the angels Mithras and Anahita alongside Zoroaster as angels of Christ. Mithras is considered similar or the same as the Archangel Michael, and Anahita has similarities to the Virgin Mary as worshipped by Catholics and others.

Generally Zorochristians don't place so much importance on the Judeochristian bible, and especially not the Old Testament, but they may still be interested in it. They are often interested in alternative historical Christian movements such as gnosticism and Catharism.

Although opinions vary Zorochristians don't usually say: "There is one God and He is all Powerful and all Good". They recognise that evil is a reality and can happen independently of the Good God. Hence they accept that the Good God is not in full control of everything that happens.