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MITHRAKANA (Michaelmas - September 29th)

Zorochristians should celebrate Mithrakana - the festival of Mithras - at this time of year.
For the Iranians Mithrakana is a major festival coming around the time of the autumnal equinox and incorporates a pagan-origin Harvest Festival.

However I suggest that Westerners keep Mithrakana as a more strictly religious event. Mithraists who are so inclined can celebrate the autumnal equinox as Mabon. This could be a festival to celebrate the fruits of the harvest - and more generally to look back at what has been achieved in the last year and to celebrate it.

Mithrakana, by contrast, is a time to look to the future. The days are shortening, the strength of the sun is diminishing and we head towards a colder, darker time. Mithras calls us to join his army to fight for the cause of light against the darkness. Mithrakana especially could be a time for us to consider how we can play our part in the Hostis Mithras (The Host of Mithras - the army of Mithras). What can we be doing to further the cause? This is a question for us as individuals - but also as a community - how can we build up the Mithraic Host , so that it has the strength to defeat the devils and the Good Christ-power comes to dominate the world?


Let me break it down for you. Christianity actually is not a Judaic religion; it is Zoroastrian, which is why the Jewish king sought to kill Christ but the Magi came to adore him. Christ was the prophesied Sayoshyant; Michael is Mitra and Satan is Ahriman. It is very simple, and easy to understand. Even Paradise is a Persian word and concept. It is not consistent with the Jewish idea of the underworld.

Also, are you aware that the Old Persian form of Mitra's name is Mica? All that was done here is that the Jews added the Cannanite suffix 'El' to Mica ( Mitra ) thus making Mica El. El means 'Shining One', and is a typical suffix for Angelic beings.