Runes - 4007

Primal Runes

Zurvan – Endless Space & Time. The featureless substance of existence , the substrate in which life plays out.

Ash – Life/Breath/Spirit - the creative feeling living spirit which chooses its own actions and influences the weaving of the cosmic fabric.

Mat – Matter/Material - what is dead and operates mechanically.

Manah – “Mind” - The complex of spirit and matter which is the source of activity and feeling.

Karma – “Deeds” - The willed movement of the spirit, volition, intention. The cause of creative activity.

Lay or Orlay – “Primal (laid-down) law” – the accumulated consequences of past activity which has left its impression. The character of the world. Layers of orlay are being continually laid down according to our actions forming the basis for future events..

Weird is our path through life. Each moment the web of weird is spun out of karma and orlay creating our reality.

Usta – “Light” - The flow of spiritual energy that comes from understanding and is felt as happiness.

Pleroma – “Fullness” - The variety of types and forms of spiritual energy.

Arta – “Truth and Right”. The natural law, the moral path. The right-ordering of the spiritual aspect of the world.

Dreg – Error - is process that is not in accord with Arta.

Spenta – Life-Expanding spirit or activity
Angra – Life-Decreasing spirit or activity

Ashura – “Spiritual Lord” - The Good Cause or Good Force which acts according to Arta.

Mazda – “Supreme See-er or Wise One” – Perfect and Righteous Wisdom in action.

Agni – “Fire” - The presence or happy consequence of Ashura in the world.

The Aeonic Heptad

Spentamain – Life-Loving Mindset – The mentality which desires life to expand and flourish.

Humanah – Good Mind – A mind with clear sight and right concern.

Artavy – Righteousness - Artavy is the impulse to acting according to Arta and the needs of life. A righteous person who possesses Artavy can be called an Artavant.

Aramaity – Piety - Divine-Respectful Attitude or Service. Loving attitude. The spirit which brings good thoughts, good words and good deeds.

Hukasatra – Good Dominion - The Rule of the Ashura.The state of existence ordered according to Arta.

Harverty – Healthfulness - a state of well-being whether of an individual or a community. With Harverty all the energy forces coming from within or without are in a happy balance so that life flourishes and people are filled with purpose and joy.

Amorty – Eternal Good Status – the state of being in communion with Ashura Mazda in eternity.

More Zoroastrian Runes

Angramain – Life-Hating Spirit - the spirit which desires life to decrease, suffer and die. It is the opposite of Spentamain.

Akamanah – Bad Mind – a mind not capable of doing what is right. Opposite of Humanah.

Dregvy – Wrong - is opposition to Arta and means Deception , Manipulation or Wickedness. An deceiving, manipulating or wicked person can be called a dregvant.

Daena – Vision – A vision or understanding of Arta. Religion or Conscience.
Chisti – Perception.
Urvan – Soul

More Germanic Runes

Wight or Being is a process going on in the world, with material and usually also spiritual aspects.

Wall is a barrier to activity.

Garth or Enclosure is a place separated off from mutual influence with what is outside.

Aspects of Human nature

Sight is a person’s mental model of the world.
Mindlay is the stored result of past experience, a source of personality.
Emotion is energy aroused in reaction to something happening in one’s Sight.
Lust is desire in any of its forms. It is energy aroused to achieve some object.
Need is a state of worsened well-being or performance due to a lack of something.
Will is a person’s attempt to move in a particular direction.

Some Types of Lust: Securitylust, Adventurelust, Freedomlust, Expansionlust, Powerlust, Communitylust, Exchangelust, Immersionlust, Expressionlust, Recognitionlust, Acceptancelust, Statuslust, Orderlust, Possessionlust, Creationlust, Nourishlust, EroticLust.

Some Types of Emotion: Anxiety, Fear, Disgust, Hate, Pity.


Wights are one of the major themes of Anglomazdaism. A wight is a being , a something that exists in the world, apparently organised and active, transforming what is in its reach from one form to another.

Creature-Wights are ordinary living creatures, a complex of mind and body.
Man-Wights are human beings.

Nature-Wights are processes of the environment which may include the actions of creatures but with no central organising mind.

Place-Wights are wights associated with a particular place. Usually they are the processes that keep that place being the kind of place it is. Traditionally distinguished between House-Wights and Land-Wights.

Social-Wights are processes that guide the association of creatures, so that they are open to each others mental contents, and can act in co-ordination with each other.

Personality-Wights are forms of human personality, of character and memory, which manifest across more than a single person. God-wights are wights that are worshipped. Seemingly god-wights are close to personality-wights. Worshipping a personality-wight makes it more likely that you will imitate that personality and thus that the personality-wight becomes active within you.

Provider-Wights provide the material necessities of life.

Reporter-Wights transfer information about what is happening in one place to other places.

Speller-Wights are communicators, actors, poets, story-tellers, teachers, propagandists etc. They use their ability (e.g. through the use of their body, their speech etc) to affect the SIGHT of others in a calculated way to produce an effect.

Money-Wights manage the perception that persons have that they can make demands on others for transformations of value, or that they are beholden to make transformations of value for others.

Strong-Wights are able to make physical changes in the world against possible opposition.

Governor-Wights seek to manage the activities of all the relevant wights in a place so as to produce a desired overall effect.

Governor-Regulator-Wights seek to keep the nature of a place or of a society the same.

Governor-Transformer-Wights seek a wholesale change of the nature of a place or of a society into something different.


Personality-Wights – Some important types:

Indra: Puts self first but usually inclined to be helpful. Rooted in the world and engages with it. Strong and capable in worldly matters. Tendency to take the world as he finds it, and not look beyond the obvious and immediate. Thus open to deception by the cunning.

Sarosh: Loving, Sensitive, Listens, Intelligent, Wise, Selfless, Righteous, Honest, “Buddha nature”.

Satan: Satan has a thoroughly evil nature and makes a virtue of causing suffering and death to others.

Lucifer: Lucifer is wise like Sarosh, but has something of Indra self-centredness, which has turned dangerous as Lucifer realises he can meet his desires best by deceiving others. Satanic Lucifer is Lucifer who uses the services of Satan to extinguish his human feeling towards others so that he can manipulate them without concern for any suffering caused. Arguably however Lucifer is not always Satanic. In this case he may deceive and lord it over others but still try to minimize suffering.

“One day a selfish spirit discovered the Fire of Mazda burning unguarded and took some of the fire to light his private torch of wisdom. Since then he has been known as Lucifer – the Light-Bearer. With his flaming torch he can see clearly into the Divine world and understand what it is that motivates man, and how it is that men achieve their objects. Lucifer has no feeling for the well-being of others and uses his knowledge with criminal ruthlessness to satisfy his craving for power. Lucifer’s element is the planet Venus.”

Note that Satan is historically associated with concept of Angramain (Ahriman). In some streams of Zoroastrian and Christian thought the concepts of ‘Dreg’ (Error/Sin) and Angramain (Life-Decreasing/Hating Spirit) are fused so that Satan becomes the cause of all Evil in the world.


Giants are wights or processes at work in the world which don’t care for our well-being and may often be detrimental. Perhaps the original giants were big animals that predated upon and eat humans. A Demiurge is a kind of human giant.

Demons are personalities or spirits that are inclined to cause harm.

Moloch is a god who demands absolute obedience regardless of moral considerations.

Solomon is a human symbol of great wisdom in the service of power. Solomon creates corrupted religions to deceive people, and hobble them, preventing them pursuing their self-interest or the common good with full effectiveness. Solomon seeks to use giants and demons for his own purposes, but is also himself possessed by a demon. The Solomonic Magi model themselves after Solomon.

Jabulon is a false god who pretends to be Mazda. He seeks that people worship and obey him like Mazda. However his commands are the invention of those who lead his church, and do not conform to Arta.