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Fallfeast - autumn equinox
Pagan Autonomism
Autonomist Good Thinking
Thriving community
SEF: Social glue
Celtic Druidry & early Hinduism - the connections
SEF: Networking past and present
Indian traditional community
Book: Mushrooms, Myth and Mithras
Indian Ethos in Education
Tribe of wolves
Orthodox Heathenry?
Balder Dead by Matthew Arnold
How to Create a Lifelong Brotherhood
Unforgiving as a Hammer
Quaker atheist for myths and small gods
Tamera community
Heathenry as an Anti-Imperialist Tradition
Transforming Power of Pagan Religion
Ancestors (Poem)
"On the battlefield"
Native American Warrior Societies
Guilds & Heathenry
Right to Rebel, Duty to Resist
Solidarity - Ryan's Desk
The dispossessed young - George Monbiot
The Natural Society - Richard Hunt
Occupy Secession
Risk and Adventure
Heathen Manifesto - Julian Baggini
Celtic Heathenry compared to Wicca
Return of the Tribes - Ralph Peters
Diaspora : Social Networking Beyond Surveillance
No, You Won't See Me on Facebook, Google Plus, nor Skype
A Case for Tribalism
What is Wyrd?
Druidry, Peak Oil and the Future
What is a world-view?
Going Local by Norberg-Hodge
Anarchism and the Question of Human Nature
The New Radicalism
A brief musing on the meaning of Odinism
Odinism and (Anti-) Christianity
The Norse Gods & Goddesses
Beowulf - 3a
Anglo-Saxon Clothing
Celts and Saxons in Devon
Beowulf - Grendel
Anglo-Saxon Houses
Anglo-Saxon Legends
A Viking Village
Robin Hood by R.Pyle
Anglo-Saxon Society
Anglo-Saxon Religion
Beowulf 5
Food in the Viking Age
Anglo-Saxon Food
Frigga, The Beloved
Beowulf - Grendel attacks again
Viking Clothes
Bishop Hatto
To Thor, Bane of World Serpent
Robin Hood & the Bishop
Beowulf - Prologue
The Sea-King's Burial
Twelve Heathen Virtues
Havamal - 6 to 10
Exeter Book of Riddles - One
Don't pay the Dane Geld
"Norse Runes"
Now we honour mind and thought
Some Germanic Deities
Hail Woden
Bankers and politicians have turned food into a betting game
Democracy School & Corporate Legal Power
Winter Without End
Making A Difference
"Going with the Flow"
The Rowan
A Gift For A Gift
An Invitation For Frigga
What is Holy?
The Nine Noble Virtues of Asatru
Havamal 1 to 5
Whats wrong with economics.
Permaculture - Interview with Bill Mollison