Neomazdeans recognise an Existential Trinity (or Triad) of Zurvan, Vaius and Agatha.
  • Zurvan

    Zurvan is the Ground of Being in Time and Space.

    Zurvan represents the reality of the Universe with its good and bad aspects.It is the Foundation of Time and Activity which underlies all things.

  • Vaius

    Vaius is the "Blower" - the cause of all activity. Vaius sets everything in motion and continually shapes the progress of the world.

    Vaius is the source of activity that lives and acts within the space and time of Zurvan.

  • Agatha

    Agatha - The Good - is pure goodness whether as an abstract idea, an active presence or a passive experience. Agatha is not easily understood in her totality, but we can make an attempt by understanding her children the Agathoi.

    Agatha is the Ideal Good which Vaius reaches up towards like reaching towards the sun.

    Agatha is 'the Good' as a pure ideal. Agatha is also known as the Beautiful for she is the most desireable of all. However she is not easily attained directly and to know and serve her better one should get to know her children with Vaius - the Agathoi.


Dolus is deception, trickery, fakery. Dolus is the biggest obstacle that prevents Vaius uniting with Agatha. A big part of the work of Neomazdeans is to overcome Dolus so as to think straight with the clear mind of Eunoia.


The Agathoi are the Good Beings. Many are derived from traditional Zoroastrian teaching.

The Agathoi are those beings recognised as being close to Agatha the Good or of partaking of her nature. They are imagined as the children of Vaius and Agatha for they come about when Vaius succeeds in getting close to Agatha and producing with her.

Among the Agathoi are Auramazda (Wise Lord), Eunoia (Good Thinking), Artista (Best Order) and Eudemonia (Happiness).

Artista (also Asha or Arta) is the (Ideal) Righteous Order or Righteous Progression of the world - a process where the actions of each fit harmoniously with the actions of others and the pre-existing nature of things. We believe it is the key requirement for a world which is congenial to life.


The Kakoi are the Bad or Evil Beings. Each of the twelve canonical Agathoi has one of the Kakoi as its counterpart.


Runes are more abstract concepts we pay attention to. There is no canonical system of runes but some suggestions are made here.


The Trimagi or Three Magi are three wise men whose intellectual work is considered the most worthy of attention. They are regarded as the foremost teachers of Good and Evil and the nature of life. The trimagi are Zoroaster, Plato and Aristotle.

Valued Writings

Our primary scripture is the Gospel of Zoroaster also known as the Zartigathas or Songs of Zoroaster.

We also value the traditional Avestan scriptures of the Persians and the philosophical writings of of Plato and Aristotle.

We also may be interested in any of the scriptures and wisdom writings of traditions that have descended from the lineage of Zoroaster, Plato and Aristotle. (This might include the work of the Stoics, ancient Gnostics, Neoplatonists, Christians and Sufis)

We also may be interested in the work of other philosophers both ancient and modern who add something useful to the main tradition. (This might include people such as Proudhon, Marx and Nietzsche.)

Additionally we believe that those with suitable gnosis or knowledge should write new scriptures that deal more precisely with the modern predicament.

Special Days

We celebrate March 26th as Zoroaster's birthday.

Updated September 2022 CE