Neomazdaism is a new form of philosophy derived from ancient Greek and Persian traditions which began with the teachings of Zoroaster.

Neomazdeans struggle towards the Good through supporting the power of wisdom and taking the right path.

Neomazdean philosophy has Monistic, Dualistic (Good and Evil) and Polistic (pluralistic and systematic) aspects to it.

Neomazdaism is still a project under development.

Ad bonum tendimus et via artista est!

Updated September 2022 CE

The Chalipa

The Chalipa is a symbol used by Neomazdeans to represent the philosophy. In its main form it is made up of an equilateral cross potent with solid circles in the four diagonals, all enclosed by a larger circle. In its alternative form the solid circles are missing but the central cross is superimposed with a typically seven-flamed firepot in a circle. Chalipa means 'cross' in Persian and refers particularly to the sun cross at the centre of the symbol as well as the whole symbol.