Runes are 'secret' concepts. The Euromazdean runes are the foundation for our mental activity in making sense of the world. Strictly speaking the Yazata, Agatha and Wights can be considered part of the runic system, to the extent they represent intellectual concepts, rather than being worshipped.
Some of the runes below are experimental ideas, and shouldn't be considered definitive at the present time. Neither should the list be considered complete.


The word Ent just means 'a being'. Zoromithraism recognises different kinds of ents. They can perhaps be classified as being:
  • Natural - apparent to our senses and usually having a unitary soul.
  • Supernatural ('above the natural') - not apparent to our senses and not having a singular soul
  • Divine - abstractly defined but still active in the world.

A Zoion is a natural living being

A Giant is a being usually much larger than a human which tends to act without concern for individual human welfare.

A Devil is a being that undermines, weakens or injures another being.

A Varitor is a 'an encloser' - a being that has no natural limiting size and will continue to expand by absorbing the rest of the world until it is stopped.

A Genius is the generative spirit of a being.

An Amorton is an immortal being - as a consequence of it being abstractly defined.

Kosmos is the Ordered World - the world working according to Arta, and thus one where a good human life is possible.
Kaos is the unordered world where Arta is absent.

Pella are the human appeal to the Tyke - what people push for.
Teuka are the actions of the Tyke - what actually happens within Zurvan

When we try to act in the world, to do something that makes a difference to how the world is, then we are generating Pella. However our attempts to act do not always meet with perfect success, and will be affected by pre-existing conditions and other people's actions so that sometimes the ultimate influence we have may bear little relation to what we were originally aiming for. So the word Teuka is used to refer to 'what actually happens' in the end.

In our religious imagination we consider that the way the world unfolds through time is decided by the goddess Tyche, also known as the (Universal) Tyke. The world can only do one thing at a time so overall there can only be one being deciding what can happen, as this is Tyche. So our own attempts at action are really requests to the Tyke. Our requests are given consideration along with everybody else's requests and then she makes a final decision as to what will happen.

While the world is ultimately under the control of one single Universal Tyke, it is sometimes useful to imagine multiple Tykes, each with a particular area under their control. So if we have a particular place that we want to make an impact in then we can make our request to the particular tyke who is in charge of that place.

Gaeta is the living process in the world
Urvan Gaetae is the soul of the living world

Tanu are our bodies.
Urvan are our souls - the seat of our emotions and of our unconscious movements and growth.
Manah are our minds - the part of us that makes calculations about the world and decides on the best way to interact with it.

Soulcraft is a conscious practice to shape the situations we face and so the experiences we take from them in order to develop the character of our soul. Most obviously this could be to set up situations where we are challenged to action so that we stretch ourselves and perhaps become more capable in some way, or we get to face our fears and become more courageous. Read More
Mindcraft is the conscious development of the mind. The mind will develop naturally from the situations it encounters in normal life, but a more conscious programme or efforts of some kind can help the process along. Usually this will require that those who are more developed help those who have travelled less far.
Plutos is the giant of money and wealth.
Nuntius is the giant of story-telling and news-telling.
Socius is the giant of alliance between people.
Cibus is the giant of food and its provision.
Ecos is the giant of economic exchange.
Arkos is the giant of power and influence.