Soulcraft is a conscious practice to shape the situations we face and so the experiences we take from them in order to develop the character of our soul. Most obviously this could be to set up situations where we are challenged to action so that we stretch ourselves and perhaps become more capable in some way, or we get to face our fears and become more courageous.

Sometimes the aim of soulcraft will be best described as the healing of the soul. Some people have major traumas or wounds to their soul which need them to enter the right kinds of situations with the right attitude in order to have a chance of healing. These situations may not occur naturally in their life and may need to be specially set up. This will usually require that there are other people about of the right character and motivation who will assist in the creation of the situation for the person. Generally a person can't expect a one-off experience to make a major change. Instead they need to go through a whole progression of different experiences, each of which produces a small change, and makes them more ready to be changed by the succeeding situation. Each step along the way the situation encountered needs to be appropriate for the person at that step otherwise no change will happen and the process is stalled. However once a step has been completed successfully they can then go onto the next step and get a benefit from it.

Providing life situations that enable a person to heal and develop is one of the things that Mithraists consider a valuable activity. Providing healing opportunities helps a person achieve personal Harvatas or health. This makes them happier and potentially more productive to the good of society. Providing opportunities for development helps a person along the path to the Mithraic ideal of adulthood. A person healthy and capable in multiple ways and with clear sight - able to deal with any situation that comes up and to make the best of it, and to be leaders to those others in society who are still children in mind or soul even if they appear bodily as adult.

Ideally the normal way of life of a society should provide situations that facilitate personal healing and development, but where this is not the case then a Mithraic Society might seek to create the necessary situations.

March 4021