Tropoi ("Angels")

Tropoi are divine personalities or partial manifestations of the Pleroma - the fullness or powers - of Auramazda. Tropoi are ideal forms of personality - including human personality. Tropoi are spirit-beings - beings defined by the nature of their spirit or personality.Tropoi are paths that Auramazda can take.

Tropoi are ways that Auramazda can act, but not all Tropoi are equally good. Their actions can have negative consequences.

Each Tropus has an Angel or appearance which tells us the nature of the Tropus.

Tetra Tropoi ("Archangels")

Chrestomazdeans focus on four tropoi which are particularly important: These are: Sarus, Anhita, Mithras and Vatis.


Sarus is the divine Listener. He listens to the nature and needs of individual beings and responds accordingly. He is also called the Obedient, because he obeys the requirements of the situation as he hears it and not any separate personal will.

Sarus is the divine personality that desires to be of service to individual people. He is concerned to uphold the dignity of all, and is willing to sacrifice himself so that others can escape the full consequences of their actions. Sarus pays attention to individuals one at a time and seeks to save them from their sins.

Sarus is a teacher to us. Because of his empathy and knowledge of all beings and desire to help them he is a worthy teacher of morality.

Sarus can be imagined as the offspring of Anhita (who is the ideal mother) and Spentaman the Holy Spirit.

Chrestomazdeans see the personality of Sarus becoming particularly pure in certain human beings - especially Zartus Rectus (Zoroaster the Righteous) and Jesus Chrestus (Jesus the Good).

Sarus can also be called by his Persian names of Sarosh or Sraosha.


Anhita is the divine mother personality. She produces the processes that give birth to life and nurture and protect it. We see her acting as 'Mother Nature' and also acting through the human parent.

Anhita has a love of life and seeks to provide conditions for the best growing, protecting and healing of others. She is sometimes called Anhita the Pure as everything that comes from her is perfectly pure and good.


Mithras is the divine personality that desires good order. He is the power that connects people to each other in the right way and produces the good social order.

Mithras takes a holistic view of the world and human society and seeks to bring it into good order. Mithras is regarded as the righteous leader, crown prince or king.


Vatis is a personality of heightened energy who can rise above existing patterns and create new ones. He has especial sensitivity and ability to see the underlying workings of things. He is the seer , the priest and healer. He is the bringer of music and dance.

Vatis can use his power to break through obstacles or structures that restrict the best flourishing of life.

Other Tropoi

Other Tropoi are recognised by Chrestomazdeans but are given less attention than the Tetra Tropoi.

Hestia is the tropus of the hearth and home. She is the home-maker goddess. She is responsible for the happy functioning of the individual household and the wider 'homes' of the community , city and nation. She has a maiden daughter Vesta who has the role of tending the home-fire.

Percus is the tropus of disruptive force. He strikes the world, creating change, upsetting existing patterns and breaking through barriers. He can act for good, being an agent of challenge that stimulates life to grow, and dissolving structures that restrict or do harm. He can also act for bad, undermining good patterns and bringing death.

Friya is the tropus of love and desire. Like Percus she has a wild heart and represents the basic desires and drives that animate life.

Tistar is a gardener, teacher and coach. He regulates the growth of living beings. In nature he provides rainfall. He is the the bringer of intellectual, emotional and physical development. As a teacher he is called Didascus .

Harva is the female tropus of healing.

Faber is the tropus of manufacture. He is the maker-personality. He is the craftsman who crafts the material of the world into new designs.

Aryama is the female tropus of community

Rasnus is the tropus of justice.

Demonic Tropoi

Azidus is a tropus of desire. He is inspired by an unbridled lust for power (and often other delights as well). He has an anguinic character lacking usual human emotions and empathy for others. He is obsequious to those above him in the power-chain, but cold-heartedly manipulates those who can be instruments of his success and ruthlessly eliminates his rivals. He shares something with Faber who he may employ to help him in his work. He is a spiritual opposite to Sarus and Mithras' main rival for control of the social order. (NB Azidus can be categorized both as Tropoi and Kakoi)

Lucifer is the revealer of knowledge of cause and effect without revealing what is good and bad. Lucifer encourages a dispassionate, cold-hearted view of the world. Lucifer is useful to the technologist and the technocrat, but considered a dangerous being by Christians. Lucifer's cold-heartedness makes him a sympathetic ally of Azidus the cold-hearted lustful one.
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