Angels & Saints

Zartochrestianism teaches officially about five angels or messengers of Agathon, while recognising that there could be many more. We distinguish between divine angels and angel-saints.

Divine Angels

The Archangel Mithras, encourages, guides and commands us to fight for the cause of The Good in the world, against what is Bad and Evil. Mithras is identified with the Archangel Michael in Judeo-christianity.

Angel Anhita embodies the unconditional care that is the natural impulse of Chrestus, and is a figure of purity and protection. Anhita (or Anahita) has similarities to the Virgin Mary as worshipped by Roman Catholics and others.


Zartus or Zoroaster provides the ideal of a wise person and is the supreme teacher of the idea of Chrestus. He can be compared in some ways to John the Baptist in the later tradition.

Jesus provides the ideal of a caring person and is the supreme demonstrator of the love of Chrestus.

George provides the ideal of the defender of Chrestus.

Lesser angels or saints may also be recognised


Sometimes we use the term Chrestangelia or Host of Angels of Chrestus to refer to these five angels which all point us to Chrestus. The Chrestangelic Host can be thought of as the power that brings the Christ-child continually into existence. In this case Mithras and Anhita can be imagined as the parents of the Christ-child (and perhaps Zartus as the Magus who recognises him).