Zoroastrian Christianity (4021.01.07)
A Full Overview of Zoroastrian Christianity Read More

The Heptaspenta (4021.01.00)
A traditional Zoroastrian list of seven aspects of Agathon, updated for Zorochristians Read More

Zorochristian Gnostic (4021.01.00)
The Gnostic path is one of seeking knowledge of reality and of good and evil. Read More

Mithras and Mithrakana (4020.09.30)
How should we celebrate the autumn festival of Mithrakana or Michaelmas? Read More

What exactly is Zoroastrian Christianity? (4020.09.00)
Introduction to Zorochristianity Read More

Who is Jesus? (4020.08.00)
Thoughts on John the Baptist and how we should see Jesus Read More

Thoughts on Neo-Platonism (4020.07.15)
Is Neoplatonism compatible with Zoroastrianism? Read More

Zoroaster's Death (4020.07.03)
Traditional ideas about the death of Zoroaster Read More

Cathar Beliefs (4020.06.16)
Cathar cosmology identified two twin, opposing deities. Read More

The Grace of Christ (4020.06.04)
The law of Zurvan, our actions as Drata, and the free gift of Christ Read More

Mithras and Christ (4020.05.31)
Musings on Mithras as the Archangel of Christ Read More

Zoroaster the Christ (and Anhita) (4020.05.00)
Can we consider Zoroaster as the Christ? What about Anhita? Read More

Definition of Christ (4020.02.12)
Chrestus, Mithras and Jesus Read More

Evil Beings in Zartochrestianism (4020.02.00)
Satan is the 'Evil One' - and the main opponent of the Angel Mithras. Lucifer is slightly different. Read More

THE TRIVIAE (4019.09.30)
Three paths of personal development Read More

Sophia (4019.08.00)
Thoughts on Sophia in Zorochristian Gnosticim Read More

Runic variations on the Logos (4019.06.00)
The word LOGOS had various meanings in Greek philosophy. In the modern 'Zartiruna' we distinguish four separate concepts related to the word: Read More